About us


Puppies are one of the most joyous friends and pets we can receive in this world! They fill us with pure joy and happiness, and every moment we spend with them fills us with delight and excitement as we begin our adventure with our newly born pup! For theirs and your world!

Here in PuppShop, we want to contribute a little to that wonderful experience! We care for and strive towards quality products and service towards your new pet and family. During your visit to our store today, we aim at helping you to achieve maximum experience with your new wonderful pet!

We look to provide you and your special friend the best service and experience in our products. We encourage you to contact us for any questions or suggestions at Puppcentral@gmail.com 

Again, thank you for taking your time to visit our store and taking this adventure with us on our new pet center. We're excited to see where we will head and dedicate on improving our site further on. Thank you.

- The PuppShop Team



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